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Compliance and business ethics

Compliance stands for strict rules and doing the right thing. At MTS, compliance means adhering to applicable laws and regulations, principles of fair trade, the Company's internal policies and high standards of business ethics and professional behavior.

MTS Code of Conduct
for Employees
The Code of Corporate Conduct and Business Ethics is a fundamental document that sets out the principles of internal corporate behavior, rules of interaction of MTS employees with customers, business partners, state authorities and external audiences. All MTS employees are required to comply with the Code and are personally responsible for their actions.

A compliance system is in place at the Company to make sure that its activities are in line with the requirements of the anticorruption laws, as well as to identify, analyze and minimize corruption risks. The Anti-corruption Laws Compliance Policy was approved to be followed by all employees.
We’re committed to having a responsible and ethical supply chain. Suppliers that work with MTS must comply with our policies and requirements, including the Code of Business Conduct of the Supplier.


ISO 19600:2014 and ISO 37001:2016 Certification

MTS Compliance Management System and Anti-Bribery Management System are certified by ICA Conformity Certificate ISO 19600:2014 and ISO 37001:2016

Please see the certificate

Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business

In 2015, MTS joined the Anti-Corruption Charter of the Russian Business and actively participates in Russian and international compliance initiatives.

A dedicated Whistleblower Hotline has been established by MTS to report any violation of the Code of Corporate Conduct and Business Ethics or any suspicion of corruption involving MTS representatives. All our employees and business partners may contact the Unified Hotline: control&audit@mts.ru
We guarantee non-disclosure of personal data.


MTS is TOP-10 most transparent companies in Russia

In January 2018, Transparency International (Russia) published “Transparency in Corporate Reporting: Assessing the Russia’s Largest Companies”, a report ranking the 200 largest Russian companies in three areas: anti-corruption programs and documents, information on subsidiaries and associated companies and reporting on countries of operation. In the anti-corruption disclosure segment, MTS achieved 2nd place, scoring 88% for disclosure of its anti-corruption documents. In the overall transparency index, the company was ranked 7th place confirming MTS as the leader in corporate transparency among Russian telecommunications companies.

Julia Romashkina

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