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CLV 2.0 Strategy

CLV 2.0 — short for Customer Lifetime Value — is MTS’s multi-year strategy aimed at maintaining leadership in mobile connectivity in Russia while building out a customer-centric digital ecosystem on top of a strong telecommunications foundation. The strategy provides for development and marketing of new products, services, and bundled offers to strengthen loyalty and capture additional value over the lifetime of our customers.

As users adopt increasingly digital lifestyles, MTS is pivoting to offer additional products and services in adjacent and complementary segments, such as in FinTech and media. And as we execute on that strategy our guiding principle is customer centricity. The CLV 2.0 approach aims to leverage global best practices in interface design and client ID to provide a world-class, seamless user experience. In short: MTS is moving forward on extending convergence beyond connectivity by providing fit-for-purpose products for the modern digital lifestyle.

MTS unveiled its CLV 2.0 Strategy at its 2019 Investor Day in Moscow.

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