MTS Stands for World-Class Compliance & Business Ethics

At MTS, compliance means being committed to integrity and doing business the right way, including adhering to all applicable laws and regulations, following principles of fair trade, and embracing generally accepted international standards of professional behavior.

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Message from the CEO


One of the key components of MTS’s success is our commitment to acting with integrity in everything we do. Our integrity is the foundation for trust with employees, customers, contractors, partners, and shareholders. We strive to live up to this ideal by holding ourselves to high ethical standards across all of our operations, including following both the spirit and the letter of the law.

MTS maintains a comprehensive compliance system in order to prevent, identify, and mitigate to the extent possible potential business risks, such as regulatory changes, unfair third-party behavior, or inappropriate employee conduct. We actively cascade this system throughout our organization to help each and every MTS employee clearly understand their compliance roles and responsibilities. No less important is our commitment to close coordination with our suppliers and other external stakeholders on adhering to ethical business practices.

At MTS, we are proud of the progress we have made in instilling a compliance culture among our team. We continue to be proactive in our approach, learning from our mistakes and moving forward to further improve our company for the future.

Our Commitment to Ethical Business Conduct

The MTS Code of Business Conduct & Ethics is the fundamental framework that sets out the company's principles of internal corporate behavior as well as rules for MTS employees when interacting with customers, business partners, government representatives, and other external stakeholders.

Our Expectations of Suppliers & Partners

At MTS, we are committed to fostering responsible, ethical practices across our supply chain. We expect suppliers that work with MTS to fully comply with our procurement policies and requirements, including the MTS Counterparty Code of Business Conduct.