The MTS Unified Compliance System

The MTS UCS is regularly monitored by the MTS Compliance Committee, comprised of the CEO and other senior leaders, which lays out the priorities for risk identification and mitigation in order to ensure effective compliance throughout the Company. The Committee meets regularly to discuss relevant issues and challenges related to the UCS, and its decisions are required to be executed by the relevant corporate functions.

Compliance System Programs

The MTS UCS consists of nine compliance programs:

  1. Anti-bribery compliance and business ethics
  2. Anti-trust compliance
  3. Insider information security
  4. IP-Compliance
  5. Personal data security
  6. Occupational health and safety
  7. AML/CFT
  8. Human rights in the workplace
  9. Environmental protection

The Compliance Programs are dedicated to developing and deploying policies and procedures that address the Company’s compliance risks in a practical and effective manner, for example, by carrying out training, handling complaints, and deploying internal controls.