A First-Rate Compliance Team

Beginning in 2012 MTS has sharpened the company’s focus on compliance by establishing a dedicated Business Ethics & Compliance Department, responsible for overseeing the integration of comprehensive compliance processes throughout the company’s business operations. The Department operates independently from other functions and reports directly to the Board of Directors and the Board’s Audit Committee. MTS maintains high level of compliance resources in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the compliance function.

Compliance Function Structure

The Business Ethics & Compliance Department oversees and sets the standards for MTS Group compliance activities across all of the Company’s operations, including defining and executing MTS’s anti-corruption strategy, maintaining processes to strengthen MTS’s culture of integrity, and governing the hallmarks of the corporate compliance program. The compliance team offers best practices in compliance matters and ensures that the standards of the corporate compliance program are properly rolled out Group-wide.

The department is combined of dedicated functional units responsible for managing the core focus areas of MTS’s compliance program, including:

  • High-level commitment
  • Proper oversight and independence
  • Periodic risk assessment
  • Training and communication
  • Policies and procedures
  • Monitoring and testing
  • Third parties review
  • M&A (including integration of the ABC program in newly established entities)
  • Internal investigations
  • Enforcement and discipline

While performing its activities, the Business Ethics & Compliance Department works in close cooperation with other MTS functions, including legal, security, internal audit, and human resources.

Vice President for Business Ethics & Compliance

Leida Lukianova is Vice President for Business Ethics & Compliance, in which capacity she oversees MTS’s anti-bribery compliance and business ethics program carried out by a team of around 100 dedicated employees spread across the company’s headquarters, regional branches, and various subsidiaries. In addition, she coordinates the company’s Compliance Ambassador Program, which engages employees of other functions to provide dual-role support to the compliance function.

Contact Info

Concerns from stakeholders regarding compliance matters can be sent via the MTS Unified Compliance Hotline. Other written inquiries can be addressed to the MTS Business Ethics & Compliance Department at:

Business Ethics & Compliance Department, MTS PJSC
Pankratievsky lane, 12/12
Russian Federation