What we do

Mobile <br> Connectivity


At MTS, we believe that mobile connectivity is a basic human need. We employ advanced technologies to deliver the best customer experience wherever our customers may be. The expansion of our 4G/LTE networks is driving increases in data traffic and consumption, creating new opportunities for our digital ecosystem. We are also developing an extensive retail network of MTS stores across Russia.
Fixed-line <br> Services


Our fixed-line services include home telephony, broadband internet and pay-TV services in Moscow and different regions throughout Russia. MTS ranks among the top-3 broadband access providers and top-5 pay-TV operators in Russia. In Moscow, we continue to promote the benefits of our superior GPON (Gigabyte Passive Optical Network) technology, which allows our customers to enjoy the fastest internet and the highest-quality TV services while also maintaining our leadership in residential broadband market in the largest city in Europe.
Financial <br> Services


FinTech and Telecom have become increasingly complementary. Since 2011, we have been offering financial services to individuals and corporate clients with a particular focus on digital banking. We serve our FinTech customers, providing them with mobile payment solutions and a wide range of financial products that help manage their day-to-day financial needs. Our FinTech offering includes both basic and complex products such as cash management, asset management, factoring, investments and other services.
OTT services

OTT services

In April 2021, we launched KION, a streaming platform and movie catalog that offers thousands of movies, series, cartoons and documentary projects, as well as over 200 TV channels. KION’s own production of originals has been among the platform’s key growth drivers. We continue to prioritize the deep integration of KION into our ecosystem through originals and exclusive content partnerships.
Digital <br> Services


We are developing as an open digital ecosystem that provides our customers with advanced tech solutions for their digital lifestyles and business needs. Our offering includes cloud and web services, big data and AI, cybersecurity, advertising tech, smart IoT, mobile music, mobile TV and video on demand, travel solutions and many other products. Customers can connect with our digital ecosystem through a number of web apps, including the market-leading My MTS app and our e-commerce platform, which serves as a digital sales channel and a single marketplace for all our products. We are continuously expanding our menu of digital services through strategic acquisitions, imaginative partnerships and innovative in-house development.
Handsets & <br> Accessories

Handsets &

These days, a mobile phone is for many of primary importance, and a smartphone increasingly is seen not only as a means of communications, but also as a digital hub and a single point of access for entertainment. Today’s smartphones combine the functionality of a tablet, camera, music player and e-book, while MTS strives to provide services to allow customers to use it as a payment device, a window to medical services, a chance to attend a concert and a number of other services. MTS aims to make a smartphone accessible to all people, which is why we offer a wide range of devices equipped with the latest technologies at the best possible price. We have agreements with leading global vendors and also sell phones under our own MTS brand.