Shareholder Structure

Charter capital of MTS PJSC amounts to RUB 199,838,157,50 and consists of 1,998,381,575 ordinary shares with a par value of RUB 0.10. Preferred shares have not been issued.

Shareholder Number of ordinary shares % of charter capital
Sistema PJSFC1,2 841 019 563 42.09%
MGTS PJSC3 5 452 327 0.27%
Stream Digital LLC3 87 245 832 4.37%
Bastion LLC3 175 768 121 8.80%
MTS PJSC 38 664 702 1.93%
Public free float 850 231 030 42.54%
Total 1 998 381 575 100%

Information on the number of shareholders

Total number of entities registered in the MTS PJSC shareholder registrar as of the end of the Q1 2023: 978

Total number of entities included in the latest list (made as of May 26, 2023) documenting ownership rights to the MTS PJSC shares for which the nominal holders submitted information about the beneficiary owners: 524 529.

MTS management doesn't possess information about holdings4 in an amount exceeding five per cent of the charter capital of MTS PJSC in addition to the previously noted holdings.

1 Sistema holdings include holdings of its subsidiaries Sistema Telecom Assets LLC (11.03% of MTS PJSC shares)

2 Mr. Vladimir Evtushenkov, a citizen of the Russian Federaration is the beneficial shareholder of Sistema PJSFC, holding 49.2% of the authorized capital

3 MGTS PJSC, Stream Digital LLC and Bastion LLC are MTS PJSC's subsidiaries

4 Information refers to the official data confirmed by the documents submitted to and received by MTS management.