What is MTS’s CLV strategy?

Since 2019, MTS has been following the Customer Lifetime Value 2.0 (CLV 2.0) strategy aimed at building a sustainable digital ecosystem business on the solid telecom leader foundation. This wording means that the Customer, to whom we provide a wide range of digital services, is at the center of our value proposition. We strive to extend the customer’s “Lifetime” as much as possible (Lifetime is the time, during which the customer uses our services), creating and gradually strengthening emotional affection for the brand, and increasing the degree of satisfaction and customer loyalty. We focus on offering greater Value to the customer and at the same time we maximize the value that we will receive from the customer in the long run. “2.0” symbolizes our transition from the ideology of operating on a single telecommunications market (which we conventionally denote as “1.0”) to the ideology of a digital service environment with a comprehensive offer including products and services of different markets to meet the needs of the customers in various spheres of their lives.

What is the Company’s dividend policy?

Information about our dividend policy and historical dividend payout is published here.

Where can I find information about Company’s shareholder structure?

The current shareholder structure is available here.

Where can I find information of Termination of ADR program?

Information on Termination of MTS ADR program is published here.

What is Company doing in the area of ESG?

You can find a brief overview of our ESG strategy and activities in the Sustainability section of our website here.