MTS Unified Hotline

To report potential or suspected violations of the MTS Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, as well as concerns regarding corruption, fraud, or other legal violations related to the Company's activities, please contact the third-party-operated MTS Group Unified Hotline by email ( ) or by toll-free phone in Russia (8-800-234-44-18). Toll-free numbers from certain other countries can be found on the hotline webpage at Please note that the MTS Group Unified Hotline is maintained by an independent third party.

You can also report concerns by filling out a simple form on the website:

When accepting and reviewing submissions, the company guarantees confidentiality and non-disclosure of personal data of those reporting a concern. You may also report violations anonymously. At the same time, it should be noted that the deliberate provision of false or misleading information is prohibited. In addition, MTS seeks to prevent and will not tolerate retaliatory actions against bona fide persons reporting violations.

Customer inquiries regarding the Company’s connectivity or other subscription services, as well as issues related to quality of service, are outside the scope of the MTS Group Unified Hotline. For customer service issues, please contact the MTS Customer Support Center by phone in Russia at 8-800-250-08-90.