MTS Web Services to invest over RUB 7.5 billion in creating its own cloud platform

May 16, 2024
MOSCOW, Russia – Mobile TeleSystems Public Joint Stock Company (“MTS” or “the Company”) (MOEX: MTSS), a digital ecosystem, announces that its subsidiary MWS (MTS Web Services) plans to launch a number of new services and lines of business by the end of the year, including virtual infrastructure based on Russian software, cloud AI and more than 30 new enterprise-level cloud products. MWS will also include all CloudMTS cloud services, MTS data centre infrastructure and a range of MTS RED cybersecurity services. By the end of 2025, MWS will also be investing more than RUB 7.5 billion in the development of its own public cloud platform.
The MWS public cloud platform will be an ecosystem of infrastructure and network services, storage and processing tools, PaaS services and cloud infrastructure security solutions. All of its components will be developed in-house. The platform is being created in strict compliance with information security and personal data protection standards. It is planned that the platform will become available to businesses and users in preview mode in 2025.
MWS is also strengthening its own information security. To this end, the company is integrating a number of MTS RED services into its cloud. MTS RED solutions will protect all of the provider's cloud services, including those unrelated to cybersecurity, such as infrastructure services, network services, enterprise applications, integrated development environments and others. This means migrating to the cloud will be even more secure.
By the end of the year, MWS plans to launch more than 30 new enterprise-level products. These include storage services, computing and information security services, databases, network and corporate services, and developer applications. MWS will also launch a dedicated cloud segment operating entirely on Russian software and hardware.
Another new line of business MWS plans to launch in 2024 is cloud AI. It will include virtual infrastructure with GPU accelerators, specialized software for developing, training and deploying ML models, ready-made AI models for various industries and business areas, available via an API, and AI services based on the SaaS model. In addition, if needed, MWS will be able to make a team of experienced experts available to customers to assist them with all phases of AI implementation and utilization.

MWS will be creating a new division, Professional Services, to resolve non-trivial corporate IT issues. The team will help customers audit their enterprise IT infrastructure and InfoSec solutions, formulate a strategy for their cloud development, migrate to a dedicated segment of virtual infrastructure, and take on the support of hybrid and private installations. For comprehensive provision of services, the company's specialists will attract partner solutions and integrate them into the cloud based on the SaaS model across a wide range of industries.
"When launching new services and lines of business, we always focus on business needs. Our goal is to help our customers find solutions to the challenges they face – to enable them, with the help of the cloud, to take their business to the next level and accelerate their growth without getting distracted by technical aspects. Take cloud AI systems, for example: training today's large language models and integrating them into business processes requires a huge amount of computational resources as well as the engagement of costly specialists. Not every company can afford such an investment. To meet growing demand, MWS will double its GPU capacity and make it available to external customers so that as many companies as possible, irrespective of their size, will have the opportunity to train and integrate their ML models into their business," said Igor Zarubinsky, Vice President for Infrastructure Development at MTS and head of MWS.
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